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Smart Perks is Making A Big Impression in 2019.
Over 32 Million To Be Exact! Join Us!

Smart Perks is a consumer-oriented savings experience that’s marketed to an unmatched audience of pre-selected new homeowners and shoppers who are looking to spend their hard-earned cash on your products or services. As we search for brands across the U.S. to add to our mix of offers, we know that Your Company will make a GREAT IMPRESSION. Join Us!

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Hit ‘em Where It Counts!

We reach our audience by hitting ‘em where it counts. Right in the mailbox! With marketers stampeding to web and social media message delivery, consumer mailboxes have never been less crowded, resulting in historically high response rates, even among millennials, research shows. In fact, we have advertisers who are getting a 30% return on their investment when they’re in the Smart Perks envelope. With an investment of as little as $5000, your business can get in on the action, too. Join Us!

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Two Packages… Two Opportunities to Make New Life-Long Customers!

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New Home Owners/Savvy Shoppers Package*

  • List Qualifications: Active buyer who has also recently purchased a home.
  • Average Age: 25-55 years old
  • Average Home Value: $250k+
  • Unique Qualities: Excellent credit history.
  • Offer Success: Cable/Satellite, Home Security, Home Improvement, Telecom, Hard/Soft Goods, Carpet & Blinds, Landscaping, Tools, Insurance, Home Fashions, Home Furnishings
Smart Perks Advantage Front of envelope

Advantage Package

  • List Qualifications: Hotline buyers from catalog and other direct response vehicles.
  • Average Age: 45 years old
  • Gender: 60% female 40% male
  • Average Income: $42k+
  • Unique Qualities: Middle America "Shopaholics"
  • Offer Success: Weight loss, Jewelry, Insurance, Cellular Services, Financial Services, Cable/Satellite, Collectibles, Medical Services, Free Gift Promotions

Join Us on A Journey of Profitability!

If you like added profits, new customers to add to your house list, and being part of the gold standard in direct mail package design and deliverability, then Smart Perks is for you.

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*These are people who’ve recently purchased a new home, sourced from a database unmatched by other “new homeowner” lookalike files. Even for active new homeowner marketers, net name merge results show impressive incremental audience reach.


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