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and every step along the way the people of Sempris will take that experience and use it to provide you with the best Direct Marketing Services possible. We engage actively with each and every client and, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a startup, we’ll always provide you with the same level of excellent service, enthusiasm, and care. Sempris has the Direct Marketing Tools, Services, and Expertise to enhance all of your marketing objectives. If you want an assist on your next project or want to turn it over completely, we're ready to help. Our tool-box of services, including list sourcing and management, direct mail, customer service, creative services including turnkey creative production, and more, are all designed to make your job easy. That’s what we do and that will never change. Now on to some questions we find ourselves being asked the most often.


Question. How do I get more marketing exposure given a fixed advertising budget, and what services do you provide to help me get there?

Answer. You've likely heard it from others, but we have some of the most top-notch Direct Mail experts in the country working right here at Sempris, professionals skilled in eliminating unproductive, expensive mailings and delivering cost-effective creative formats to people ready to buy. We bring it all — from getting your message in front of one of your consumers or a promising prospect, to analyzing the data that'll give you a crystal ball view of what's working with your direct mail pieces and what’s not, so you can move your business forward. Of course, you direct which services we provide from our menu of services. Currently, we're inviting advertisers to be a part of a select quarterly mailing that targets millions of active and engaged consumers in very specific target markets. This year alone we’ll have over 90 million direct mail pieces in front of millions of engaged customers. Find out how you can participate. Call 1.952.258.2130 today!

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Question. Why would I ever use “offline” marketing like direct mail when I’m a 100% virtual company?

Answer. Before the explosion of the Internet and web-based marketing options, maybe 15-20 years ago, our mailboxes were jam-packed with catalogs, solo mailers, CD canisters from AOL, and everything in between. The competition was fierce. In fact, back then, mail volumes were at all-time highs. Today, with marketers stampeding to the Internet and social media, along with smart ads and content tracking, people are bombarded with banner ads, message alerts and all types of other "virtual" ads. With consumer exposure to Internet, social media and a plethora of other digital channels expanding every day, all marketing efforts have suffered. With one exception ... that’s Direct Mail.

Businesses tended to forget about the "iron-horse" and focused on web-based channels. But you know what? That’s opened up the good-ole mailbox to have a lot more room for some bonafide hard-hitting direct mail packages. Less mailbox competition leads to greater consumer receptivity, less message fatigue and, as a result, more marketing opportunity. Direct Marketing is poised once again to become a dominant means to reach a broad range of people. In fact, mail has become a welcome consumer respite from swiping and clicking, and unwanted spam. Research shows this is even true for millennials!

So, now is the time to utilize the power of direct mail… it is largely unregulated and one of the few non-behavior-permission-based marketing options available. More than that, the USPS is a government entity, fiercely protected by legislators eager to maintain hometown jobs and delivery to every residential location in the U.S., no matter how remote. We predict it is going to be around for a very, very long time. Paul Revere delivered mail in the 1700s via horseback, and perhaps the future has mail being delivered via drone. Who knows? But one thing is for certain – Sempris is positioned to help you get your brand to the people. What's old is new again. Call 1.952.258.2130 or contact us today to find out how we can put your message in front of an engaged audience.


Question. Other than Internet and social media, what channels exist to source high-quality, new customers?

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Answer. Try a new, targeted name source in a consumer behavioral group or lifestyle enthusiasm aligned with your brand and offer. You know what your current name sources are supposed to do deliver for you, but are they really getting the whole job done and providing you with the results you expect? If they’re not, or if you're not sure, we have a list services group that offers an assortment of prospect lists available for rent at extremely competitive prices. Each is a proven winner and focused on very specific customer segments, including highly sought after New Home Owners and Super-Engaged Frequent Shoppers who have excellent open-to-buy. Want to know more about our lists? Call 1.952.258.2130 today!


Question. What’s the secret sauce that’ll help me increase my revenue?

Answer. This may seem obvious, but it's all about making that extra sale in a single customer encounter. We have a remarkably broad and deep catalog of consumer products and services at our disposal, available for sale. These goods and services don't compete with your offers, but make sense to present after your sales transactions are completed. We’re ready to share them with select businesses who want to make an impact on peoples' lives by offering honest-to-goodness savings on some of the things they spend their hard-earned money on every day. Let us show you how to add these highly-regarded products to your product arsenal. Let us share our Value-Add Services with you. Call 1.952.258.2078 today!


Question. How can I reduce chargebacks so I can grow my Card Not Present (CNP) revenue?

Answer. Trust us when we say we’ve had more than our fair share of dealing with the ins and outs of CNP credit card processing. Sempris has become one of the top go-to resources in the nation for merchants seeking CNP risk mitigation solutions and appropriate ways to improve credit card association compliance profiles. We’ve consulted for some of the biggest CNP merchants in the US and are quite respected by top credit card processing experts for our knowledge of card association compliance regimens, covering all aspects of the CNP processing challenge – from accurate descriptor maintenance to consumer disclosures all the way through to customer service handling procedures in marketers’ call centers. Let us show you the way. Call 1.952.258.2078 today!


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